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In most manifestations of her myth, Lilith represents chaos, seduction and ungodliness. Yet, in her every guise, Lilith has cast a spell on humankind.

Their four " concentric " terms are derived from Ezekiel's vision (1:4), "And I looked and behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud , and a fire infolding itself , and a brightness was about it..." [4] The "Three Impure Kelipot" (completely Tamei "impure") are read in the first three terms, the intermediate "Shining Kelipah" ( Nogah "brightness") is read in the fourth term, mediating as the first covering directly surrounding holiness, and capable of sublimation. In medieval Kabbalah, the Shekhinah is separated in Creation from the Sephirot by man's sin, while in Lurianic Kabbalah Divinity is exiled in the Kelipot from prior initial Catastrophe in Creation. This causes " Sparks of Holiness " to be exiled in the Kelipot shells, Jewish Observance with physical objects redeeming mundane Nogah , while the Three Completely Impure Kelipot are elevated indirectly through Negative prohibitions . Repentance out of Love retrospectively turns sin into virtue, darkness into light. When all the sparks are freed from the Kelipot, depriving them of their vitality, the Messianic era begins. In Hasidic thought , the kabbalistic scheme of Kelipot is internalised in psychological experience as self-focus, opposite to holy Deveikut self-nullification, underlying its Panentheistic Monistic view of Kelipot as the illusionary self-awareness of Creation.

Samael - Medieval Prophecy / After The SepultureSamael - Medieval Prophecy / After The SepultureSamael - Medieval Prophecy / After The SepultureSamael - Medieval Prophecy / After The Sepulture